• Rental Payment: Rent is due on the first of each month, unless otherwise defined on your lease agreement.
  • Maintenance Request: Maintenance requests should be made by phone, online or in writing to TPM 11455 SW 40 ST #203 MIAMI, FL 33165. Maintenance hours are weekdays from 9a.m. to 5 p.m. Your maintenance request cannot be fulfilled if pets are left unattended. It is not our policy to make appointments for maintenance work after business hours. 
  • Emergencies After hours: In case of an emergency, call the office and leave a message, someone will respond promptly and accordingly. 

The following are considered Emergencies:

  • Fire – CALL 911 Immediately then notify the management office.
  • Unsecured apartment (latches broken, won’t lock, broken window/door.
  • Blocked, stopped up, or overflowing sewer lines.
  • Blocked, stopped up, or overflowing toilet (stopped up toilets are not considered an emergency if you have more than one toilet in your apartment.
  • Kitchen sink stopped up.
  • Lack of heat and it is d55 or below outside.
  • A/C leaking.
  • Pipe leak that would cause cabinets or floor to flood. (this includes drain lines and supply lines)
  • No Power (Please call FPL first to make sure there are no outages in the area and that your account is current. 

Rules Continued

  • Smoke Detectors:  It is your responsibility to check smoke detector weekly. Press and hold the button on the unit and the alarm should sound. Any malfunction or failure should be reported immediately via online work order or directly to the management office. Please be aware that if the smoke detectors are damaged or removed from the unit/residence during your occupancy, an additional charge will be assessed to your account. For the safety of you and/or your family, never disable the smoke detector(s) by any method including the removal of the batteries. 
  • Locks: You are prohibited from adding, changing, or in any way altering locks installed on the doors of the residence.
  • Entrances, Hallways, Walks, And Lawns: Entrances, hallways, walks, lawns, and other public areas should not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entering and exiting.
  • Personal Property: Due to legal limitations, it is not possible for us to insure your personal property. It will be necessary for you to obtain rental dweller’s coverage at your expense from a local insurance agent to cover any possible loss of personal property.
  • Delivery of Packages or Furniture: Our employees are prohibited from receiving packages for anyone. Please make your own arrangements for such items.  
  • Parking Facilities: Our parking lots are not to be used for abandoned or inoperable vehicles. The determination of whether a vehicle is abandoned or inoperable shall be within the discretion of Management, but a vehicle will be deemed inoperable if not “street legal.” All vehicles must be periodically moved to prevent buildup of dirt and debris. Automobiles should not be parked on the grass. Recreational vehicles and trailers may only be parked in certain areas, which are clearly marked for recreational purposes. Vehicles not conforming to these rules may be towed away at the owner’s expense. 
  • Pest Control: Residence units are sprayed on a regular basis. You are asked to assist our pest control by MAINTAINING A HIGH STANDARD OF GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. If you have a pet and it becomes necessary to spray for fleas, you must pay and additional charge.
  • Ground Upkeep: The Owner maintains a high degree of grounds maintenance. Owner/Management requests that you help in maintaining our high standards.
  • Dumpsters: There are dumpsters conveniently located throughout the Rental Community. Please ensure that your trash is placed in plastic bags and securely tied before placing it in the dumpsters, not beside it. You must break down boxes before placing them in Dumpsters. 
  • Guests: You are responsible and liable for the conduct of your family, invitees, licenses, and guests. Acts of these persons in violations of the Lease Agreement, or one of these or future rules and regulations, may be deemed by Management to be a breach by you, which may result in termination of the Lease Agreement.
  • Motorcycles, Minibikes, Etc: All state regulations that apply on the street will apply in the Rental Community. All vehicles, including motorcycles and minibikes, must be properly licensed, and all operators must be licensed as well. No one underage is allowed to operate a motor vehicle of any type on the grounds of the Rental Community at any time. All motorcycles and minibikes must be parked in the parking lot, and may not be placed in the rental unit.
  • Plumbing: A charge will be made for unclogging plumbing equipment, in cases where malfunctions are caused by the introduction of improper objects therein, such as toys, cloth objects, grease, and other foreign matter. The cost of repair or replacement of other equipment or furnishings of the Owner will be borne by you.
  • Lockouts: If you find it necessary to have authorized personnel unlock the rental unit after hours you will be charged a fee of $150.00 payable at time of entry. If this service is not available at the Rental Community it will be necessary to call a locksmith and you will be responsible for locksmith fees.
  • Telephone Hookups: Telephones may only be placed at previously wired locations provided by the telephone company. Additional drilling, cutting or boring for wires is not permitted without written permission from Owner/Management.
  • Storage: No goods or materials of any kind or description, which are combustible or would increase fire risk shall be placed in storage areas. Storage in such areas shall be at your risk and Owner/Management shall not be responsible for any loss or damages. Heating/air-conditioning, laundry facilities or water heater closets are not to be used for storage purposes. 
  • Recreation: You agree to abide by rules and regulations established for use of recreational and service facilities provided by Owner/Management.
  • Antennas: Radio, Television, CB or other types of aerials or antennas should not be placed or erected by you on the roof or exterior of the building.
  • Disturbing Noises: Your family, invitees, licensees, and guests all shall have due regard for the comfort and enjoyment of all other residents in the Rental Community. Your residence is your home, free from interruption by Owner/Management, unless you or your guests disturb other residents of the Community. Televisions, stereo units, radios, and musical instruments are not be played at such a volume or time that will annoy persons in other residences. 
  • Signs: You should not display any signs, exterior lights, or markings on the rental unit. No awnings or other projections should be attached by you to the outside of the building of which the rental unit is a part. 
  • Patios: All balconies or patios must be kept clean and clear of storage items. Hanging of clothes, garments, or rugs over railing of balconies or patios will not be permitted. Patios or balconies should not be used for anything except patio furniture, flower, boxes, and plants. They are not to be used for storage under any circumstances. For safety, please do not place plants on balcony railings. 
  • Pets: No pets allowed except with permission of Owner/Management and the execution of a Pet Addendum. An Additional fee will be required, a portion of which is nonrefundable. The entire fee may be applied against damages to the residence in the event of default by you under the Lease Agreement.
  • Laundry Room: If the Rental Community provides laundry facilities, please remove clothing from machines promptly. Do not use tints or dyes. Report any malfunction of machines to office.
  • Alterations: No apartments alterations allowed without Owner/Management’s prior written approval. 
  • Only electric grills allowed. No propane or charcoal grills allowed. 


  • Mold: Mold is a part of the natural environment that reproduces by means of tiny spores. These spores are invisible to the naked eye and float through outdoor and indoor air they break down and feed on organic matter in the environment. Mold may begin growing indoors when mold spores land on surfaces that are wet. 
  • Reducing moisture and proper housekeeping significantly reduces the chance of mold growth. The goal is to minimize the amount of mold to the extent possible. 
  • In order to maintain a quality of living environment for all residents, it is important to work together to minimize the occurrence and growth of mold in apartments. To reduce the possibility of mold:
  • Follow this link  to find out recommended temperatures inside your home during different seasons. You will also find info on relative humidity. Relative humidity is important to climate growth of microorganisms such as mold and dust mites. To control microorganisms, it is best to keep the relative humidity below 60% (to control mold) and 50% (to control dust mites) at all times, including unoccupied hours. High relative humidity can foster proliferation of mold and dust mites. 
  • Keep the premises clean, particularly the kitchen and bathroom, by regularly dusting, vacuuming and mopping. A household cleaner should be used to clean hard surfaces. 
  • Remove any moldy or rotten food.
  • Remove garbage regularly.
  • Use hood vents when cooking, cleaning and dishwashing. 
  • Use exhaust fans if available when bath ring and showering.
  • Lease exhaust fan operating for a sufficient amount of time to remove moisture. 
  • Hang shower curtain inside tub when showering.
  • Wipe down bathroom walls and fixtures after bathing or showering.
  • Wipe down visible signs of moisture.
  • Wipe down windowsills if moisture is present.
  • Water all indoor plants in sink or tub and allow to drain well before putting back iin place or water indoor plants outdoors. 

If there is any visible mold on non-porous surfaces such as ceramic tile, Formica, vinyl flooring, metal or plastic, you should: 

  • Clean the areas with soap (or detergent) and a small amount of water and let the surface dry.
  • Within 24 hours apply a non-staining cleaner such as Lysol Disinfectant, Pine Sol Disinfectant (original pine scented), Tilex Mildew Remover, or Clorox Cleanup. Note that some household cleaning products contain bleach and may cause staining. 
  • If mold reappears, repeat the process. 
  • If mold is due to an ongoing leak or ongoing moisture problem, contact the management office. 
  • You must report in writing to Lessor:
    • Water leak, excessive moisture or standing water inside the apartment, storage area or garage. 
    • Water leak, excessive moisture or standing water in any community common area.
    • Mold growth in or on hard surfaces within the apartment that persists after you have tried several times to properly clean it. 
    • Mold growth on any porous surfaces such as sheetrock walls or ceilings. 
    • A malfunction or leak in any part of the heating, air conditioning or ventilation or ventilation systems, or any plumbing fixture.
    • Leak in washing machine (if applicable, you are responsible for machines owned by you)
    • Discoloration of walls, baseboards, doors, windows, frames, ceiling 
    • Refrigerator and air conditioning drip pan overflows. 
    • Loose, missing or falling grout or caulk around tubs, showers, sinks, faucets, countertops, and clothes dryer vents. 

Your failure to adhere to the above guidelines shall be deemed an Event of Default under the terms of the Lease. Owner or Agent will be entitled to exercise all rights and remedies it possesses against resident(s) at law or in equity. 

We, as Lessor, do not make any representations or warranties regarding the existence or development or molds or micro-toxins. 

You, as Resident, assume the risks associated with molds, fungi, and/or micro-toxins and release and the Lessor and/or Agent from any claim for loss, liability or damages resulting from the existence and or/development of the same. 

You, as Resident, can be held responsible for property damage to the dwelling and any health problems that may result from your failure to notify the office immediately, IN WRITING, of any mold, mildew or moisture problems. 

You, as Resident, shall hold Lessor and/Or agent harmless for damage of injury to person or property as a result of your failure to comply with these terms. 

We, as Lessor and/or Agent, reserve the right to terminate the tenancy and you, as Resident, agree to vacate the premises in the event we, as Lessor and/or Agent, in our sole judgement, feel that either (1) there is mold or mildew present in the dwelling unit which may pose a safety or health hazard to you or other persons and/or (2) your actions or inactions are causing a condition which is conductive to mold growth. 

You, as Resident, agree that we, as Lessor and/or Agents may conduct inspections of the unit at any time with reasonable notice. 


We, as Lessor and/or Agent, do not make any representation or warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding your safety or the safety of your personal property, against the criminal actions of other residents or third parties. 

The responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and your property as well as your invited guests from acts of crime is the sole responsibility of you and law enforcement agencies. 

For apartments equipped with an instruction alarm, you will be responsible for all fines, penalties and other charges resulting from or attributed to the alarm, including false alarm charges. Management is not obligated to respond to any signal from an intrusion alarm system. It is your responsibility to promptly notify management in writing, of any problem, defect, malfunction or failure door locks, window latches, instruction alarms and other security related devices.

If security systems, security devices or walk through services are employed at this community, no representation is being made that they will be effective to prevent injury, theft or vandalism. Such personnel, if provided, cannot physically be every place a every moment. Usually, such personnel are unarmed independent contractors and have no authority under the law to restrain or arrest criminals than the ordinary citizen. 

It is fact that no security system, courtesy patrol or electronic security device can guarantee protection against crime. Even elaborate security systems are subject to mechanical malfunction, tampering, human error or personal absenteeism, and can be defeated or avoided by clever criminals. Always proceed on the assumption that no security systems exist. The best safety measures are those precautions that can be performed as a matter of common sense and habit. 

Therefore, we do not warrant that any security systems, security device or services employed at the community will discourage or prevent breaches of security, intrusions, thefts or incidents of violent crime. 

Further, we reserve the right to reduce, modify or eliminate any security systems, security devices (other than those statutorily required) at any time; and you agree that such action shall not be a breach of any obligations or warranty on the part of management. 

You, as resident, agree to release and hold harmless owner and management from any claims arising out of criminal acts of other residents and third parties. You also agree that owner and management shall not be liable to you based upon any claim that security was not provided except management’s compliance with the state statues. 

The forgoing shall also be binding upon your heirs, successors and assigns.

Here are some reminders to protect yourself:

  • Lock the dead bolt on your door at all times whether home or away
  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times
  • Do not leave valuable items in your car
  • Close and lock your windows and patio door when your’re away. Do not leave your home unattended with window or doors open
  • Close your blinds when you are away
  • Do not hide your front door key under your doormat
  • Be alert and careful when you walk alone outside
  • Please notify the office of any faulty exterior lighting
  • Call 911 if you observe anyone suspicious at the property
  • Do not open your apartment door to strangers and always ask for identification before allowing anyone into your apartment

Security Deposit

To avoid misunderstandings regarding the SECURITY DEPOSITS that are made at the time you sign your Lease Agreement, the following information is provided:


  1. Full term lease has expired and all persons have vacated the Residence.
  2. A written notice of Intent to Vacate effective the end of the calendar month must be given by the 1stof the calendar month prior to said vacating.
  3. No damage to property beyond normal wear and tear.
  4. Entire Rental Unit including range, refrigerator, bathroom, closets and cupboards are clean. Refrigerator to be defrosted.
  5. No unpaid legal charges, delinquent rents or late fees.
  6. All keys must be returned.
  7. All debris, rubbish, and discards placed in proper rubbish containers.
  8. Forwarding address left with Owner/Management. 
  9. Move in/Move Out Inspection report must be completed when you move in and signed by the Owner/Property Manager and You.